Ontario’s Stage 2 reopening and what it means for you


The government outlined Ontario’s gradual, staged approach to reopening the province, restarting the economy and easing the restrictions put in place to stop the spread of the COVID‑19 outbreak in A Framework for Reopening our Province. Stage 1 of the plan helped more people safely get back to work and enjoy a return to some everyday recreational activities. Informed by public health advice and workplace safety guidance, and supported by the willingness of businesses, workers and families to make the changes necessary to limit potential spread of the virus, Ontario will begin to move into Stage 2.

This next stage introduces a new, regional approach to reopening, based on trends of key public health indicators outlined in the framework, including virus spread and containment, as well as health system and incidence-tracking capacity. The approach will reflect the evolving public health situation provincially and in each region. In close cooperation with our partners, Ontario’s approach will continue to be informed by the best available medical and scientific advice.

Public health remains the government’s top priority. The people of this province have demonstrated that they are willing to do what is necessary to contain the spread of COVID-19. They should also be confident that employers and businesses across Ontario will continue to follow public health advice, implement the necessary workplace safety measures to protect employees, customers and the general public and do their part to make Stage 2 a success.

In Stage 2, additional restrictions will be loosened while emphasizing public health advice, workplace health and safety guidance, and personal and collective responsibilities. More businesses and services will be permitted to open, as well as community, recreational and outdoor spaces. The people and employers of the province must continue to act and work in the ways required to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As part of Ontario’s responsible approach, protections for vulnerable people must remain a top priority throughout the next stages of reopening.

Public and social gatherings

Regardless of where you live in Ontario, social gathering limits will be expanded to up to 10 people. People must still practice physical distancing, by keeping at least two metres away from others outside of their direct household. This change to social gathering size will apply to people across the province, regardless of whether their region has moved into Stage 2.

Places of worship

Faith is a source of comfort and an important aspect of the lives of many people across Ontario. To support places of worship to reopen across the province and help to ensure the safety of worshippers, the government will make available guidance, including limiting attendance to 30 per cent of building capacity and practicing physical distancing. Guidance will also be provided for spiritual leaders and their staff.