Organ donation brings solace to bereaved Toronto family


Few weeks back our family friend Mrs. Smitaben Patel’s of Woodbridge, Ontario, young son Vishal at the age of 39 died due to heart attack.

Smitaben ‘s husband Mr. Yogesh Patel died due to health issues two years ago. To lose a young and very energetic son is a biggest blow to a mother and family which they never thought in their wildest dream to happen.

Vishal used to work in a factory/company which was owned by his late father with Italian partners and previous day of his death he sought very big production order for the company and he was so happy that he hugged his Mom and gave her massage and worked until midnight on computer to finish formalities of the order.

Next morning he woke up and went to washroom and all of a sudden collapsed near bathtub and his mother upon hearing big thud came to check on him and pulled him from bathtub and called 911 and tried to revive him as per instruction given to her on phone and soon paramedics came and took him in ambulance to the hospital but due to massive heart attack he died.

In this short time period Smitaben and her daughter Natasha took very courageous and bold decision to donate Vishal’s organs. When many people in this type of very tragic situation cannot think anything else except mourning and crying. There is very less awareness especially amongst our south Asian community and immigrations not only to donate organs of their loved ones but also not filling out forms to donate their organs after death.

I salute her and bow my head to her as her son’s organs will make life easy to recipients to perform routine activities and also bring happiness to family and friends.
Smitaben and her daughter Natasha deserves big Kudos for conveying strong message of awareness as organ donation is best donation which cannot be compared to any financial donation.

Vishal’s soul Rest In Peace knowing that his organs still live in someone’s life on this earth.