Organ Donation: South Asian Youth Blaze Trail In Great Way To Mark Valentine’s Day


GTA youth have started the legacy of a newer way to celebrate valentines day!

One of the pioneer volunteer-members of the campaign formed Amar Karma over a decade ago to highlight the importance of becoming an organ donor within the South Asian community.

As the group grew, they discovered that there were dots that needed to be connected about other important subjects such as blood donation, hair donation and even umbilical cord blood donation.

“We wanted to spread awareness about how easy it is to share happiness and give hope to others with the smallest acts of effort and investment.

“Since then, the way we celebrate Valentine’s Day has changed,” said Guru Pabla, who leads the awareness campaigns and operations, “to us Valentine’s Day means an expression of love towards others by sharing and passing on the gifts that nature has given each of us.”

During the Give a Heart soiree, youngsters newly turning sixteen as well as magnanimous couples celebrate the evening by registering as organ donors. When we go from long hair to short, we make sure that we donate it for natural wigs, we provide hope and love to those fighting cancer.

Expectant parents pledge to donate their baby’s umbilical cord for those seeking a bone marrow match. These are just some of the ways we show others that we truly care.

“Throughout our journey, we have learned that health and wellness is a collective effort. Ensuring the wellbeing of others is reciprocated many times over and its Karma is synergistic. Overall, it begins with an expression of love towards those in need – those who don’t yet know us but whose lives can change with the tiniest morsel of our kindness. To celebrate what we do, and all that we can do together is to bring on board one heart at a time.” Vipan Marok, director of Amar Karma said.

The group is celebrating their 8th annual Valentine’s Day on the evening of February 3 at Apollo Convention Center in Mississauga. More information can be obtained from their website at