Our City Parks And Community Living Rooms Are Made More Welcoming Through Events


Parks are the living rooms and backyards of our cities. With 86% of us now living in dense, urban environments, our parks are where we share food, garden, exercise and socialize.

In fact, a new study reviewing data from 20 countries involving more than 290 million people confirms that “living close to nature and spending time outside has significant and wide-ranging health benefits.”

When parks are brought to life with regular activities like movie nights, park clean-ups and festivals, people are happier, healthier and more socially connected.

Recognizing that Canadians place a significant amount of value on having increased access to vibrant parks and green spaces in their communities, TD Bank and Park People have provided over 160 grants to park groups across Canada to help them bring events and activities to city parks.

In Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary, residents can head out to 55 events like movie nights, park cleanups, festivals, community gardening, skateboarding sessions and more. In fact, the events demonstrate the range of creative opportunities that parks represent.

“The great thing about city parks is that they are a blank canvas that communities can write on. Looking at the events we’re seeing happening in city parks as a result of these TD Park People Grants is so inspiring,” says Park People’s Executive Director Dave Harvey.

In the GTA you can see TD Park People Grant supported park activations showcasing what’s possible in our city parks at the following  upcoming TD Park People Grant events. They include:

This is just a sampling of park events planned in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and Calgary parks.

Join in on the fun and check out the TD Park People map to find a park event near you!

TD is providing the funding as part of TD Ready Commitment because public green space has the power to connect communities and build more inclusive cities. TD has partnered with Park People, Canada’s city parks organization, helping to activate the power of parks in cities across Canada.