Outgoing Premier Brad Wall says fall legislature session will be ‘bittersweet’


REGINA _ Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says preparing for the legislative session which kicks off today with a throne speech is “bittersweet.”

That’s because it is the last sitting of the legislature for Wall, who announced his retirement in August.

Wall says the fall sitting will be interesting because there are two leadership races underway _ one to replace him as leader of the Saskatchewan Party and premier, and another to elect a new NDP leader.

However, the premier says this is not going to be, in his words, “a lame duck session of the house.”

He says there will be a busy agenda with more than 40 pieces of legislation to be introduced and some new initiatives.

The premier has already said the government won’t move forward with a planned corporate income tax cut and will repeal an unpopular law which just passed last spring that allowed up to 49 per cent of a Crown corporation to be sold.

Wall, who has been one of Canada’s high-profile premiers, is retiring after a decade in office.

“I’ve already thought about my last day, which will be some time in December … that’ll be a hard day,” Wall recently told reporters.

“It will be a difficult day because it’s a place that has truly been an honour to serve in there. Even when you’re in the middle of a debate, even though maybe you’re on the losing end of any particular debate on certain occasions, even those moments, it is still an honour to be there.”

His successor will be chosen Jan. 27.