Over 90 kinds of birds settle in Shanghai Disney Resort

(160308) -- SHANGHAI, March 8, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Photo released by the Shanghai Disney Resort website on March 8, 2016 shows castles of the resort in Shanghai, east China. The Shanghai Disney Resort will be opened to the public in 100 days. (Xinhua/Shen Di) (wyl)

More than 90 kinds of birds have settled in a wetland park at the Shanghai Disney Resort, authorities said on Monday.

“Some birds, which only frequent western or northern China, will fly south to the Wishing Star Park in the resort during winter,” said Jason Fischer, a bird expert.

The park, adjacent to the Disneyland and the hotels, was built for visitors to get close to nature, Xinhua news agency.

Consisting of a lake as well as coastal wetlands, bushes and woods, it provides a favourable living environment for animals.

“The Shanghai resort combines the experience of bird conservation in the US with the characteristics of Chinese visitors, to create a bird protection land more suitable here,” Jason said.

Opened in 2016, the resort is a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and Shanghai Shendi Group. It is the first Disney resort destination on the Chinese mainland and the sixth in the world.