PAMA Continues Their Staycation Home Series

Bring a story to life with Mystic Masks.

BRAMPTON: As the city moves ahead in August, the virtual and creative fun continues into the second month of the Summer Staycation @Home series or the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA).

Plus there is a launch of two new virtual exhibitions! Weekly August Staycation themes include:
• Aug. 11 – 14: Art Voice Expressions
• Aug. 18 – 20: Rainbow Creations
• Aug. 25 – 27: Stories to Tell

The Toys and Games theme was held from August 4 to 6. Each Tuesday, PAMA will continue to premiere a special activity video on all their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) as well as post step-by-step instructions for three creative activities each week on the PAMA @ Home web page.

PAMA will also continue to feature behind-the-scenes videos with their curators from the art
gallery, museum and archives that tie into the weekly themes! New Virtual Exhibitions for
August •Art Voice Launching Aug. 10

This exhibition showcases youth voices from the Region of Peel (Brampton, Caledon and
Mississauga; a display of youth expressing themselves through various mediums and offering their unique perspectives.

The theme was kept open so that local emerging youth artists could feel free to share any of their works of art. The artists submitted work about home, isolation, struggles with mental health, image and racism, the changing environment, beauty found in nature and everyday life.

Their creative expressions reflect the reality of their lives. The event is an exciting partnership with community volunteers, the Regional Diversity Roundtable and PAMA.

Try your hand at Sunscreen Painting. All pics: PAMA

Our Voices, Our Journeys: Black Communities in Peel Launching Aug. 24 This virtual exhibition showcases stories of resilience and purpose shared by Black residents of Caledon.

Learn why they came to Canada, and how they built a vibrant community for their families.
Every Friday, participants can take part in a series of creative sketchbook challenges! At the
end of the month, you will have a series of drawings completed based on your response to the theme of the day.

You can create your drawing in a notebook, sketchbook, or on paper. Also at PAMA is the exhibition of Simon Hughes: Works, 2001
– 2020 exploings the work of Winnipeg artist, Simon Hughes. Through his work, Simon
Hughes explores the symbolic Canadian landscape.

Both familiar and strange, his architectural structures, landscapes, mountain and ice forms, and interior scenes of artists’ studios represent a window into the imaginative and

The online exhibition allows you to take yourself through PAMA’s Gallery and the work of Simon Hughes, one piece at a time.