PC Candidate Tom Varughese Officially Launches Campaign


By Shazia Malik

MISSISSAUGA – Tom Varughese, Conservative candidate from Mississauga-Malton has officially opened his campaign.office. People from different ethnic backgrounds gathered to support him. Also present on the occasion were Garnett Genuis, MP from Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan and Conservative candidate Sanjay Bhatia, from Davenport among others.

Talking to Weekly Voice Tom said: “While door-knocking I am   being told that residents have not seen their MP and don’t know who that person is.

“They also tell me that they want to see infrastructure development but they don’t see anything in that respect as well although the current MP is a minister in the present government. Residents say they have not seen any improvement in the Mississauga-Malton constituency.

“It was then that I thought I should step in and make some development in Malton area specially and Mississauga. In my riding I have not heard much about problems related to immigration but about jobs. People do not have the right jobs, the houses are expensive, and rents are too much.

“There is no economic development and people are asking for it. At the same time taxes are very high. As people do not have good jobs it becomes difficult to pay for things. Most of the people are working on minimum wages and taxes are taking most of their earnings. Thus, they do not have enough money left with them.”

Tom added that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has already announced a very good tax plan and so he hoped residents of this riding vote for him so that Scheer’s plan can be implemented to better the lot of the people.