PC’s Deepak Anand Aiming For ‘Positive Change’


BRAMPTON: “It is a vicious cycle, you do good, you feel good. Then when you feel good, you want to feel better – so you do even more good.”

This positive attitude has been central to Deepak Anand and his campaign to become the Progressive Conservative MPP from Mississauga-Malton – and this has been evident in how he has run his campaign.

It can be seen in his pamphlets and brochures that all boldly proclaim that he will “AIM for Positive Change” in the riding. Moreover, he has a developed something he calls his AIM – a platform for which he is Active, Inspired and Motivated for – which is in addition to the Progressive Conservative platform and built around Mississauga-Malton.

His personal AIM includes policies to address issues such as Youth Empowerment, Education, Community Engagement, Local Employment and so much more. However, for Deepak it wasn’t enough to just develop a vision for the riding – he wanted to actively encourage it.

For the last fifteen years, he has done extensive community work in various organizations such as the former Director for Telecare Brampton and Indus Community Services, and he is currently the Co-Chair of the Malton Community Building Project, the Director for the Canadian Federation of Truckers and the Co-Founder of Meaningful Media. Moreover, for the last few years, he has been the host and producer for Radio Saanjh – a radio program that brings light to local issues and works with local charities and organizations in an effort to bring exposure to them.

Yet what makes Deepak’s campaign the most unique when compared to other campaigns is his dedication to community service even while campaigning. He believes that if he wants to be MPP he should show it by motivating others to work with him in improving the community.

For example, his team worked together and spent one-day serving food to those who needed it at the Seva Foodbank in March, or how in April on Earth Day his team went out and cleaned up a park because it was the right thing to do.

“Its all about community engagement, if you want the community to care for you – then first you have to care for them.” Deepak – who is a chemical engineer with an MBA from the Schulich School of Business – wants to represent your voice in Queen’s Park because he felt that recently there was a growing disconnect between the people and the government.

There was a lack of consultations and town halls when it comes to important issues such as the carbon tax, education, hydro and mental health services and he wants to fix this.

He has a fundamental belief that the government needs to work closely with the people for it to run properly and that is also a major part of his AIM.

You can learn more about his views and policies through his website at deepakanand.ca or follow him on his various social media accounts to see how else he is engaging the community.