Peel Police Deputy Chief Berkeley-Brown Responds To Report On Parrish Comments


On February 23, 2018, I became aware that Mississauga City Councillor Carolyn Parrish made disparaging comments regarding my participation in a community meeting about the decision to close the Malton Community Police Station in her ward.

The comments not only attacked my performance at the meeting, but were discriminatory, bringing into question my character and Peel Regional Police promotional practises.

The comments were offensive to me and many of my colleagues at the Peel Regional Police.

For the past 32 years, I have worked diligently alongside my fellow officers and with members of our community to ensure Peel Region remains a safe and inclusive community.

Peel Region is one of the most diverse communities in Canada and I am proud of that. The suggestion that my promotion to Deputy Chief or Superintendent was based on my race or gender is an affront to the values of the Peel Regional Police and something I take very seriously.I am aware of and support the findings outlined in the Report of Peel Region’s Integrity Commissioner.

I would like to thank Police Services Board Chair Sue McFadden for having the courage to bring this forward to the Police Services Board and for their decision to file a complaint. I would also like to thank Chief Jennifer Evans and members of the Chief’s Management Group, Adrian Woolley, the President of the Peel Regional Police Association and my fellow officers and civilian employees for their continuous support.

Ingrid Berkeley-Brown, Deputy Chief of Police Peel Regional Police (Pictured here with Chief Jennifer Evans.)