PM Helps Out At Gatineau Food Bank


OTTAWA: Prime Minister Justin Trudau was at the Moisson Outaoui (Outaouais Harvest) food bank in Gatineau recently helping out in some packing.

As people continue to feel the impacts of this pandemic, many are turning to food banks to feed their familie Moisson Outaouai, as a regional food bank, assesses and caters to the needs of assess the needs of their 41 member organizations in order to adequately support them.

Moisson Outaouais is responsible to provide food to all of the Outaouais region which include the city of Gatineau, but also the Pontiac, the Petite-Nation and all of the upper Gatineau area. Outaouais has access to important food sharing systems from Food Banks Canada and Food Banks Québec.

Moisson Outaouais also works to develop large-scale partnerships with food companies and joins the region’s corporative world in helping further those in need.

Trudeau tweeted that “@StevenMacKinnon and I met some of the volunteers who’ve stepped up to help out – and we thanked them for the work they’re doing.

We also spoke about the $100 million we’ve invested in food banks. For @MoissonOutaouai
these funds have allowed them to hire more drivers, make more deliveries, and buy more food. And for food banks across the country, this support means they can keep helping those in need. Outaoui says: “Through it’s power of recuperation, we ensure a massive, important and affluent supplying in the Outaouais. Each dollar invested at Moisson Outaouais is transformed into $5 worth of food.”