Priyanka’s dressing keeps campaign trail alive

Caption: Keeping up with Priyanka Gandhi. (IANS Infographics)

Priyanka Gandhi might be making headlines for her campaign dress code, but theres plenty of mileage coming of it, and not just for her.

A news video online showcases a vendor outside the Congress headquarters here who says his hottest selling item nowadays is a printed cotton sari, featuring photographs of Priyanka Gandhi and Late Indira Gandhi, her grandmother, on either side of the drape.

Priyanka Gandhi, often likened to her grandmother, is certainly helping the vendor make a killing. I am selling as many as 100 pieces of the sari everyday, claims the vendor.

While the ‘kurta-pyajama’ look has worked well for most ‘netas’, Gandhi’s Indian attire, an appropriate choice for the campaign trail, is inviting reproofs for not being true to her style. The newly appointed Congress general secretary drapes a sari that helps connect her with the audience and also enables her to create the aura of her grandmother.

Many claim that her choice for Western casuals like denims, shirts and trousers, while being in the national capital, is more her look than Indian ethnics. However, one can safely assume that Priyanka Gandhi is well versed in the art of power dressing, and can step it up or pull it down a notch when required.

Exactlly a month ago the Congress General Secretary’s change of display picture on Twitter — from a sari-clad look to one in a pair of jeans — had the social media world in a tizzy.

She changed her Twitter profile picture the one in which she was in a maroon sari with a long-sleeved blouse. Her new avatar flaunted jeans and a blue shirt and received both flack and admiration.