Province Launches New ‘Support Local’ Campaign

Minister MacLeod announces resumption of Niagara GO service. Pic: Lisa MacLeod/Twitter

TORONTO: The Ontario government is encouraging people to “show your love for local” by exploring new and creative ways to reconnect with the unique small businesses and places that make the province’s communities special. To promote this effort Destination Ontario, an agency of the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, is launching a new “Support Local” campaign.

The campaign is designed to instill a sense of pride of place and encourage people to safely be a tourist in their own communities.

Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, said: “COVID-19 has been a challenge for many local businesses that make up the fabric of our communities – we’ve all seen the anxiety in their eyes when we visit our favorite restaurant or artisan shop. We need local, as much as local needs us,” said Minister MacLeod.

“Clearly, we need to support our locally owned businesses now, when they need us the most.”

The new campaign will launch on TV, radio, digital and social media starting mid-December and run until mid-January 2021. Advertisements will focus on the close-knit relationship between local businesses and the communities they serve.

Minister MacLeod said: “This campaign is a wonderful reminder for all of us that Ontario offers the world in one province, and that world begins just outside our door.

“By exploring our communities safely – whether it’s going to a local event or ordering takeout or delivery – we are not only providing much-needed support to our local businesses, we are helping to protect Ontario’s economic and social recovery.”

“Local community businesses are the heart of what makes a destination special,” said Lisa LaVecchia, President and CEO, Destination Ontario. “We recognize these businesses need Ontarians’ support right now to ensure the charm and wonderful experiences of these communities are there to welcome visitors back long after the pandemic.”

A recent Destination Canada survey showed that about 69 per cent of Ontarians feel safe when thinking about travelling to nearby/local communities.


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