Raja Kumari, Raftaar’s musical ‘thank you’ to real-life heroes

aja Kumari, Raftaar's musical 'thank you' to real-life heroes.

Rappers Raftaar and Raja Kumari are coming together for a six-part series titled “Hustle From Home”. Raftaar says it endeavours to spread optimism through music.

“As a powerful form of expression, hip-hop has a powerful impact on our minds. ‘Hustle From Home’ endeavours to spread some optimism through music. With personal anecdotes, fun interactive sessions, and a great collective of music, we’re looking forward to creating an exhilarating experience for upcoming talent and hustle it together, one rap at a time,” said Raftaar.

This series is MTV’s salute to doctors, nurses, police and other essential service providers, who are at the forefront battling these tough times.

“While we battle out this pandemic, ‘Hustle From Home’ is an opportunity to connect with my peers and aspiring rappers to celebrate the spirit of music. I’m looking forward to making memorable experiences as we come together to convey a heartfelt thanks to our real-life heroes,” Raja Kumari said.

“Hustle From Home” will premiere on May 3 on MTV.


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