Ramesh Sangha reiterates Liberal party’s and his own commitment to a Unified India ll VNN Special Report


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  • MP Ramesh Sangha clarifies his views.
  • Says comments in recent video carried differently by media Sangha says every media has a distinct point of view and he respects that
  • Sangha says PM Trudeau, his government and caucus stand for united India
  • MP says Charter of Rights gives people privilege to express their views within its legal confines
  • Comments given by individuals their personal opinion
  • Recent video shows his stance on the issue but was not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings
  • Sangha says the government, the PM and party has always supported united India (Akhand Bharat)
  • Sangha says will ensure to enhance Canada-India ties which is essential
  • Sangha says Trudeau has talked a lot in favour of united India MP says Capt Amarinder, Punjab CM, has his own personal perspective on the issue
  • He says whether they agree with that outlook is up to them