Regular Winter Cleaning Essential For Your Car Health

Picture: NewsCanada

(NC) It’s a common misconception that you don’t need to clean your car as often in the winter.

However, regular maintenance like car washes are necessary to maintain the health of your vehicle and prevent rusting, which is more prevalent in colder weather.

Here, Jodi Lai, editor-in-chief at, shares her guide to cleaning your car this winter.

Preparation Get a layer of wax on your car before the season hits to protect the paint. Apply lubricant to all latches, doors and locks to prevent freezing of the exteriors. Identify the signs of clogged fuel injectors and have them cleaned. Replace your carpets with rubber mats to be able to deal with winter slush.

Exterior maintenance Rinse your car once every two weeks and more frequently in the event of bad weather. ‘ This will allow you to fend off sand, salt and other dirt without scrubbing, which will help protect your wax layer and keep your paint from scratching.

Clean the nooks, crevices and underneath the car and monitor the areas around the tires and front grille for any rust buildup.

Don’t forget to clean between the windshield and hood to avoid blockage. As soon as you’re done washing your car, start the washer fluid and let the wipers run.

This prevents ice from forming on the wiper blades. Wipe your car dry to prevent the fresh water from freezing.

Interior maintenance
Facing constant snow and rain, the interior of your car can accumulate a lot of dirt. Make sure you use proper cleaning liquids to wipe the salt off the mats. Vacuum inside your car to remove any dry dirt particles and use a separate brush to get rid of stubborn stains from the seats and mats. Clean the dashboard and insides of the doors with a disinfectant. Finally, dry the interiors with a microfiber cloth before locking the car shut.


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