Revamped Apple Maps now being tested in Italy, Vatican City

Apple. (File Photo: IANS)

Tech giant Apple has begun testing the new Apple Maps on the Italian peninsula as part of the iOS 15 developer and public betas.

The update includes areas in Italy, including Sardinia and Sicily. Additionally, San Marino and Vatican City are also part of this update, reports AppleInsider.

According to the report, the new maps have expanded green areas, reclassified roads and new 3D landmark features.

In order to view these maps, users will need to be using a device on either the iOS 15 developer or public betas. However, the update will likely be available to everyone soon, as tests usually last one month before rolling out to the general public.

The update was discovered by avid Apple Maps watcher, Justin O’Beirne, who has uncovered previous Apple Maps updates for Spain, the UK and Ireland and US cities like Portland, San Diego and Atlanta, the report said.

As O’Beirne points out, once the update is released for all Apple Maps users, Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City will be the seventh, eighth and ninth countries added to Apple’s revamped Apple Maps, it added.

Apple Maps will soon be getting major updates in an upcoming overhaul, including more detailed maps, time-specific navigation, and improvements to transit directions.

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