Sai Children spread Peace and Harmony at Toronto’s Walk for Values


Gary Anandasangaree, Parliamentary Secretary, Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism and Member of Parliament from Scarborough - Rouge Park opened the 17th Walk for Values reading Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s message to spread love and peace in the communities.

Around 2,000 civic-minded citizens assembled at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto to take a pledge that they will practice human values and they like to see a positive change by building a “City of Character” in Toronto.

On Sunday, May 26, 2017, the students of Sathya Sai School, Toronto in collaboration
with the Sathya Sai International Organisation Canada hosted this unique Walk for
Values and called upon fellow Torontonians to share their vision of a world where all
are unified by human values which flow from the heart. Participants at the event
pledged to practise a particular value in their daily life and hoped to “inspire” others to
do the same. The great need of our time is to bring values and good character back into
the world stated the President of Sathya Sai International Organisation in Canada, Mrs.
Preeti Mathur.

The Walk for Values entered its 17 th year and unlike the other major events in the City,
this is not a fund-raiser. There was no solicitation of pledges for money and the theme
for the year was GO GREEN and to conserve energy and grow more trees. The event
attracted people from all communities and ages. “Values have no Borders” echoed the
Principal of Sathya Sai School, Dr. Revathi while welcoming the participants on a bright
sunny day.

Every human being is endowed with these five main human values, which should be put
into action to promote harmony and unity in the world stated Kesh Maharaj, National
Coordinator of the event in Canada. Speak Truth, follow the path of Righteousness
and experience Peace. Share your Love happily with all and lead your life with


According to Surinder Sharma, International Chair of the Walk for Values, the aim is to
create a peaceful city by eliminating violence, drugs and crime through people
committed to basic values. This project was initiated by Toronto and now the Walk is held around the World in over 45 Cities helping to shine the light of goodness around
the world added Sharma.

The 3-km Walk for Values was fun-filled, with a parade of colourful floats, bands, and
values songs, and people walking under the values banners of Truth, Right Conduct,
Peace, Love and Nonviolence. The parade was followed by a Protect the Planet items,
food stalls and carnival games for children.

The Hosts, Sathya Sai School, integrates the Ontario curriculum with Values Education
in the class rooms. Using this approach, children see connections between what they
are studying in their academic subjects and their own conduct and attitudes. One of the
Parents, Manish Rughani stated that he liked the most about the Sathya Sai School was
the obvious loving energy with which the school is run. The underlying structure of
discipline and necessary control of the highly energetic children is tempered with
compassion, love and humour.

There is so much light and fun and acceptance here.

Earlier spreading this message across Canada, 90 City Councils including Toronto had
proclaimed “Human Values Day” on April 24 and the Federal Parliament had accepted a
petition initiated by Member of Parliament Chandra Arya declaring Human Values Day.
All came to the Walk who heard these calls of the heart, wishing to practice and spread
positive values in our society, celebrate the majesty of the human spirit nurtured by
universal human values. They joined the Walk with leaders from government, business,
community organizations and school children – all touched by the desire to celebrate
and create a peaceful world. Sukumar Balasubramaniam, the Toronto’s Walk for Values
Committee Chair, proposed a vote of thanks.