Salman tells Paras Chhabra: Keep your voice down

Superstar Salman Khan

“Bigg Boss 13” host Salman Khan lost his cool at contestant Paras Chhabra for raising his voice at the Bollywood superstar.

On the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode on Saturday, Salman questions Paras on his relationship with contestant Mahira Sharma.

The “Dabangg” star says that it looks more than just friendship. He then goes on to say that Paras’s girlfriend Aakansha Puri has had a few questions about his and Mahira’s equation in the show.

In the promo, Salman can be seen talking to Paras: “Paras and Mahira whatever you are doing does not look like friendship. It looks more than friendship…”

Salman is seen interrogating Paras on playing a game which leaves the latter agitated and in the heat of the moment, Paras ends up disrespecting Salman and also says that he is listening to other people and making a point, leaving Salman very upset.

Then Paras is seen telling Salman: “Please tell the creatives not to do this… Where is Akanksha’s name coming from…”

Salman then told Paras: “She (Akanksha) has called me up to find out what is happening… You keep your voice down.”

The actor concluded by telling Paras that by just staying inside the “Bigg Boss” house for 100 odd days and getting fame doesn’t make you a star.