Sameksha, Shael’s new song a tribute to doctors fighting COVID-19

Sameksha, Shael's new song a tribute to doctors fighting COVID-19.

Singer Shael Oswal has launched his latest single titled “Tere naal” along with actress Sameksha. The song is being pitched as a tribute to the “corona warriors”.

The “Soniye heeriye” singer had launched the audio and teaser of the song two months back, but due to the lockdown had to wait to complete the project.

Speaking about the song, Shael said: “It was Sameksha’s idea to go ahead and shoot the song with the two of us. She knew the teaser and audio did great and fans wanted the main song out. So we decided to shoot the entire song in and around my house itself. She not only did a fantastic job on screen but also off screen as she did my make-up, and also handled the camera and direction. It took us a few days to shoot the entire video but I am very content with the final output. The song is a soothing and soulful, and our intension is to spread more and more love in these stressful times.”

Sameksha said that “Tere naal” will always remain special to her as they shot the song in “not-so-normal circumstances”.

“Shael and I were literally shooting each other’s parts. For portions where we were required to be in the same frame, we used tripods and my maid’s help. So yes, you can technically say that our maid turned cinematographer for us which would be the first of its kind in music business,” she said.