Sana Syed Selected Miss Teenage GTA


TORONTO:  Sana Syed has won the title of Miss Teenage GTA – as part of the provincial pageant – and has qualified for the National Miss Teenage Canada pageant.

In a message to the Voice on Wednesday , she said: “I am currently a part of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant Company and had won the title of Miss Teenage GTA.

“I would like to promote my platform on your newspaper in order to gain recognition and to reach out to as many people as I possibly can in hopes to help others.  My platform is to inspire and bring awareness to youth, especially underprivileged children to follow their dreams – regardless of their financial status and to advocate the youth to believe in themselves and to persevere regardless of their financial issues just as I have.” she said.

“Seeing my mom raise me on her own and watching her struggle with not a lot of money but still providing me the best in order to follow my dreams, gave me the momentum to inspire the youth to do the same!”

Sana has done some modelling and is starting to put her foot into the industry.  She has been doing photoshoots for about a year now and is currently working with different advertisers.

Miss Teenage Canada pageant Executive Director Michelle Weswaldi said: “While each delegate is beautiful, well-spoken and physically fit, she is selected based on her personal accomplishments, goals and commitment to community service.”

Sana is a Grade 11 student in Toronto and intends to pursue her university education in media studies.