Satish Thakkar Will Lead Canada India Foundation


Oakville: Canada India Foundation, a nonpartisan organization working towards stronger bilateral relationship between the two countries, announced the appointment of a new Chair to head and guide its activities.

Satish Thakkar, FCPA, FCGA was chosen unanimously by the membership at its thirteenth Annual General Meeting on September 10.

He takes over the reins of CIF from Mr. Anil Shah. The members paid tribute to the years of inspiring leadership under Mr. Shah.

They recorded their appreciation for the substantial progress made under Mr.Shah in meeting the major objectives of CIF.

A special note was made of recent initiatives like the Thank You Meals program for Ontario’s frontline workers that helped position CIF as an organization that cares for the larger Canadian community.

“Taking over from our dear Anilbhai is a huge challenge,” noted the incoming Chair, Mr. Satish Thakkar.

“For the past few years, we have been constantly encouraged and inspired by his guidance for a number of years. I also want to record my deep appreciation for Pankaj Dave, our National Coconvenor who has been a strong source of support for CIF.”

Satish Thakkar is a Canadian entrepreneur, a renowned professional, a committed community leader and a passionate philanthropist, with a number of accomplishments to his credit in a short span of time. In recognition of his contributions to enhancing Canada-India bilateral ties, the Ottawa-based Embassy magazine named Satish as one of the top policy influencers in 2013.

Also in 2013, Canada’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development heard him on the future course of Canada-India bilateral ties.

In 2012, as President of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), Satish catapulted the then 37-year-old Toronto-based bilateral chamber to new heights.

A year later, looking for an Indo-Canadian to spearhead its outreach into Canada’s Indian community, the William Osler Health System Foundation nominated him as the Chair of the Indo-Canadian Friends of Osler, and Satish pledged to raise $1m for the foundation.


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