Scarsview Chrysler: Star-Rated Dealer Where The Customer Is King And Discounts Rule


With a 4.8 star rating on and a 4.1-star rating on Google, it is quite evident that Scarsview Chrysler is rated very highly by its customers.

Weekly Voice went visiting the store last week and caught up with their affable General Manager Karim Ashadali. Excerpts from the interview:

WV: Let’s start at the beginning, When did the store open for business, what was the size then and how has the journey been so far?

Karim: Oh it’s been a long journey. The store originally opened for business in 1973 before it was bought over by the current management in 1981.

It used to be a stand-alone Jeep & AMC store when it started until 1991 when it transformed into a full Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram store and here we are today, still proudly serving the local community and GTA for 45 years now. I would say that the journey has been very interesting and fruitful and we are proud of the fact that we have been able to serve thousands and thousands of satisfied customers.

WV: Now, can you tell us about your own journey here at Scarsview Chrysler? We have heard that you are regarded as a very dynamic retailer by Chrysler Canada?

Karim: Well, I have now been with Scarsview Chrysler for over 15 years. Overall I have been in the automotive business for over 20 years. At the cost of sounding a bit pompous,

I can safely say that I am a top expert on high end used cars and I am well known in US & Canadian auctions.

This enables me to get a high trade-in value for the clients. In short, I am a deal maker who ensures that you always get a best possible deal.

WV: Let’s talk numbers now. In terms of volume of sales, where does Scarsview Chrysler rank in GTA and in Ontario?

Karim: In terms of numbers, we are number 1 volume dealer in the eastern division of Chrysler and amongst the top 5 volume dealer in the whole of Ontario. On an average, in a year we sell about 1300 news cars and around 500 used cars.

WV: Tell us about the range of vehicles one can find in the store?

Karim: Good question! Our range is really interesting. We have that most famous line up of vehicle in North America which is the Dodge Caravan.

As you are probably aware Dodge Caravan was the brainchild of Mr Lee Iacocca and after its launch in 1983 the North American auto industry was completely transformed. And today even after 35 years Dodge Caravan remains one of the top-selling family mover vehicles in the world.

Here’s a fun fact, Did you know that the first Chrysler Minivan called Voyager Plymouth rolled off the assembly line in Windsor Ontario! That’s right the minivan is Canadian by birth.

We also have the entire line up of the famous Jeep which includes Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler and Compass. We also sell the range of pick up vans better known as the RAM. In this, we have gas and diesel versions as well as RAM 1500 series, 2500 series which are the preferred choice of those in the electrical and plumbing business and the heavy duty 3500 series for the tow truck business.

At Scarsview Chrysler, you can find the  Chrysler Pacifica, Hellcat and also Dodge Challenger the preferred choice of speed junkies.

WV: Year on Year, Which would your highest selling vehicle at this store?

Karim: Without a doubt, it is the Dodge Caravan! I can safely say that approximately 50-60% of all our sales are generated by Dodge Caravan.

WV: Do you have any special promotions going on for the Community?

Karim: Glad you asked! Did you know that our slogan here at Scarsview Chrysler is “All we do is discount “!

At any given point we have deep discounts on the entire range of vehicles going until $ 18,000. On top of that, we offer 0% financing for 72 months!

At this particular moment, we have a special deal on 2017 Dodge Caravan…You can now own a caravan by paying just $ 73 a week.

That’s right, by paying what you pay for your weekly grocery, you can now own a Dodge Caravan!

I must also mention that we have a great collection of over 100 pre-owned vehicles for you to choose from. Name any alphabet from A to Z and if there’s a make within those alphabets we have a car for you.

For example, we have Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, Landrover, Alpha Romeo, Lamborghini ranging in price from 8000 to 50,000 dollars.

WV: Do you offer any solution for new immigrants who may not have a credit history in Canada and also for those who may be financially challenged?

Karim: Sure! We have a credit specialist in store to help the new immigrants in securing finance from the regular banks as well as the B category banks. We have a great track record in securing finance for those who may be facing problems in securing finance to own a vehicle.

WV: Any parting message to the Community?

Karim: My message is simple; Always be happy, keep smiling, Don’t worry and come to Scarsview Chrysler for the best deals.

Call 416.281.6200 today and ask for Karim.