Scheer Rejects Theory Of India Hand In Canada Poll


By Shazia Malik

Mississauga: Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party said he was shocked at the recent statements of Gerald Butts that the Indian government ‘screwed’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help the Conservatives. Scheer was speaking at an event organized for ethnic media in Etobicoke.

He said: “I was completely shocked when I read what Mr Butts said. First and foremost, Justin Trudeau didn’t need any help embarrassing himself when he went to India. He managed to do it all by himself. I reject the premise that there can be any kind of interference in our own election campaign.

“It’s quite clear that it is a fabrication. The Liberals are trying to make up to distract from their own failures. It is always the same with Trudeau Liberals. Justin Trudeau never takes responsibility. It’s never his fault. He’s never willing to say, that was a mistake, that was my own poor judgement. He’s always looking to blame other people.”

Weekly Voice asked the question after an excerpt from John Ivison’s new book, Trudeau: The Education of a Prime Minister, came to light that included comments by Gerald Butts which blamed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not treating Trudeau well during his trip to India. Butts is quoted by Ivison as saying Modi was “out to screw” the Canadian delegation for Conservatives.

Scheer also criticized the way the Liberal government has dealt with China and USA adding if his party win, they will reset ties with both the countries. On the question of flight of investment from Canada, Scheer said a properly formulated strategy needs to be in place to attract foreign direct investment.

He also said if he becomes prime minister, he will also fix the healthcare system. Scheer said he will soon roll out his party’s vision on immigration that will further explain terms such as “fairness, order, and compassion” in the system.

Scheer was also critical of the Liberal government’s carbon tax. He said a Conservative plan includes a number of environmental measures that will reduce the country’s carbon footprint and even create jobs.

He also condemned irregular migration along Canada’s southern border saying strict austerity measures should be put in place and unofficial points of entry be plugged. Scheer was of the view that Russia should be tackled sternly due to the aggression it showed in Ukraine. Scheer admired the role of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan saying they played a key role in bringing some order in that country.