Seneca Joins Collaborative National Student Mobility Network

A new face for Seneca’s Newnham Campus on Finch Avenue, the 274,000 sq. ft. CITE building houses state-of-the art engineering and robotics labs and an entrepreneurial incubator for students and industry leaders.

Toronto: Seneca has taken the next steps in its digital adoption strategy by joining Canada’s official credential wallet and a national network led by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada

(ARUCC). Called the ARUCC National Network, it provides students with the ability to access and share official, digitized transcripts, credentials, badges, and micro-credentials.

Pioneered by ARUCC and powered by Digitary’s global digital credentials platform, the Network is unique in scope and moves Canadian higher education to the forefront of innovation by providing a trusted credential engine built for learners.

Seneca will unite with other Canadian colleges and universities that have collaborated to create this national credential wallet and online document platform.

The Network is the first of its kind in Canada and will provide three million learners nationwide with a secure platform for accessing and sharing their official documents and credentials.

The initiative supports student mobility as they transition into, between, and beyond postsecondary institutions in Canada on their educational journey into the workplace.

Other key features of the ARUCC National Network:
• 24-7 access for learners
• bilingual service and support in French and English
• ability for learners to access, view, and share official transcripts, and documents
• ability for Canadian post-secondary institutions and higher education partners to work together with the network to exchange official documents and much more.


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