Shobha Shekhar Mesmerizes Audience With Her Silky Voice


Versatile Singer’s Concert In Toronto Raised Funds To Help Children With Autism

TORONTO: A decades long commitment to honing her craft through dedication and perseverance is the ultimate reason behind Shobha Shekhar’s outstanding talent and abilIty.

Had it not been for the keen eye and ears of her parents, she would not have begun her formal lessons at the precocious age of three! Having said that, formal training and riyaaz alone are not what makes an artist resonate with an audience!

Shobha has worked tirelessly to bring a very traditional art form to a modern audience in an engaging manner a fact that is not easy in the digital, downloadable, auto-tuning era.

As an artist, Shobha has had several opportunities to mentor and educate upcoming talent through her various assignments from being in the panel of judges at prestigious music competitions such as CMR Star fest, Super

Singers music competition, Indian Idol singing contest and others, she has also been recognized for her contributions to the performing arts and singing with accolades and awards in 2016. This does require true commitment and grit to overcome constant obstacles as well as detectors. Shobha is one of the few artists, in a sea of talent within the South Asian community in Canada, who has experienced performing on a world platform.

Shobha has completed over 400 concerts, in addition to lending her voice to several private albums and product commercials in India and Canada. her recent singles “Raahein”, produced here in Canada by Awaazein, almost mimicking her own journey to musical success as well as a beautiful Ghazal, Halat Ye Hai, speaks about her versatile singing abilities She has also strived relentlessly to create and educate masses through her own music concert compilations in the North Americas – ie, Melange, a fusion project to explore her knowledge and exposure to the various genres of music, as she conceptualized and compiled the presentation content of this concert, She has also collaborated with many veteran musicians and symphony bands across Canada and The Americas as well has shared stage with prolific musicians and singers from the bollywood industry.

Most recently, Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai, a tribute concert for India’s original nightingale, Lata Mangeshkar, took place on April 21, 2018 at the Aga Khan Centre in Toronto. The concert, organized by Manoj and Sonia Singh of Devsaiadi, helped to raise funds for Shivas, a non-profit organization that helps children with autism. The timelessness and crystal clear clarity of Shobha’s voice left the audience mesmerized, leaving everyone of all ages speaking, understanding and communicating in the synchronous voice of music.

The audience was transported; swaying to the beat as each toe-tapping note resonated, fondly jogging memories of the Divas of Indian music history. Shobha’s ability to sing in numerous regional languages, English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, and Telugu allows for true versatility. This is truly a talent that many aspiring artists dream to attain. Be sure to watch out for this amazing performer as she prepares once again for several high profile summer festivals across the GTA.