Shooting film on brothers was ‘theraputic’ for Nick Jonas


New Jonas album fuses Nick’s solo and Joe’s DNCE sounds.

Joe Jonas, recording artist, on The Jonas Brothers documentary ‘Sucker’:”We shot it over the course of a year and really opened up and, actually you’re going to see in this story, the real time, getting the band back together, which I think is going to be pretty interesting for fans and for people that aren’t fans because it’s really a story about family more than anything else.”

(Nick Jonas is married to Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra).

“It was very therapeutic for us and healing in a lot of ways. Because that was actually how this all began. We were just doing the documentary and then after spending so much time together, we kind of felt like, ‘Wow! We’ve done all this very necessary healing as a family. Why not give this another shot?'” – ASSOCIATED PRESS