Sidharth Shares #QuarantineDiaries

Sidharth Malhotra shares his #QuarantineDiaries.

Mumbai: Sidharth Malhotra is dreaming about skydiving even as he spends his lockdown hours on the couch. He shared his reflections on social media by posting two photographs.

The first one shows him skydiving and the second one has him relaxing at home — which seems to be from one of his old photoshoots.

“What I wish to do right now… Swipe left to see what I’m actually doing… #QuarantineDiaries,” he captioned the images.

Last month, Sidharth shared that coming to Mumbai to explore a career in Bollywood was
not easy, adding that the support from his family helped him a lot in his journey. “I remember when I came to Mumbai I was 21 and staying here by myself, I really started
appreciating the joint family that I grew up in, (with) so many people around.” I remember on the phone speaking to my parents, I would say why don’t we have the habit of ending the call with love you mom, love you, dad.

We at our Punjabi household never had a culture like this because none of us ever ventured out and stayed away that far. And I remember one day sitting down with my dad, telling him that whenever we say goodbye you are supposed to say goodbye by saying you love me and dad being the dad he was like ‘ya ya, of course, I love you’,” he added.

“I felt the only thing you fall back on is what your parents have taught you,” he said.


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