‘Slow Streets’ Initiative Rolled Out In Mississauga


MISSISSAUGA The City has decided to move forward with expanding its Slow Streets initiative, piloted as Quiet Streets in 2020, in all City wards.

Slow Streets have rolled out in neighborhoods throughout Mississauga to give residents ample space to safely move around their neighborhood.

They will be in place until the end of October 2021, to allow time to prepare for the winter season. Slow Streets are a temporary traffic calming measure that involve installing road barricades and signage on neighborhood streets.

Slow Streets are intended to provide additional space for pedestrians and cyclists to move around their neighborhood while safely maintaining physical distancing, following COVID-19 public health recommendations.

Slow Streets also reduce speeding and limit traffic to local vehicles. Slow Streets will remain accessible to car traffic and twoway travel. Posted speed limits will remain the same.

Slow Streets direct drivers to slow down and share the road with other road users. By implementing Slow Streets, those walking, running, biking and using mobility devices can comfortably use the road while being able to physical distance.

Temporary barricades and signs will be installed at main vehicle entry points. This installation signals to drivers to slow down, avoid passing and take extra care if they live in the area and are navigating the road.

The barricades will also allow for easy movement of essential emergency service vehicles as well as waste and road maintenance vehicles. Specific layouts will vary somewhat depending on characteristics such as road width and parking usage on each roadway.

Slow Streets are not intended for multi-lane major collector or arterial roadways or with roads that have MiWay routes.

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