Some Small Tips To Take Your Car From Tired To Inspired…

Attractive smiling caucasian brunette driving her car. Hands are on steering wheel.

(NC) When it comes to vehicles, most of us can’t just trade for a new one when the initial joy wears off. That’s why Dustin Woods, associate editor at, is sharing tips to reignite that fire and take your car from tired to inspired.

De-funk your trunk. If your trunk has turned into a closet on wheels, it’s time for an overhaul.

Some items are necessary to keep around, like your emergency kit, but winter sports equipment and duffel bags of extra clothing may not be needed anymore.

Organize your glove box. We’re all guilty of it: shoving miscellaneous items in our glove box and completely forgetting about them.

That said, it’s also where we keep our most important vehicle documentation, should we ever need it in a pinch. Keep your glove box clean and tidy for peace of mind and keep the main papers in a folder for easy access.

Revitalize your ride. Nothing sparks joy like a clean ride. Remove garbage, wipe down interior surfaces and add an air freshener for good measure.


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