Some Steps To Take If You Are In A Car Accident

Picture: NewsCanada

(NC) Getting in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. You’ve likely been in one yourself or, know someone who has.

Whether it’s a small fender bender or a severe accident, many people fear the next steps.

In fact, according to a poll by Aviva Canada, over half of Canadians are unprepared to navigate the claims process following an incident.

Most are not aware of how to get their vehicles to the repair shop, and very few completely understand their rental coverage – overpaying as a result.

That’s why, after calling emergency services, contacting your insurance company or broker is an important next step. They can connect you with preferred vendors who will provide a faster turnaround, lower cost, and more satisfying claims experience.

These preferred vendors are vetted and are monitored to ensure they provide the best possible service.

“During these uncertain times, we can provide reassurance and swift action to keep you mobile,” explains Bryant Vernon, Chief Claims Officer at Aviva Canada.

“Calling your insurance company first enables us to get you the support you need and save time and money. We’ve found that Aviva customers who go through a preferred vendor have their claim settled 30 days faster and save over $1,000 in costs, on average.”

Other important things to do following an accident include recording the information of other drivers involved, including their vehicle details, an insurance company, and policy number. Make sure to obtain any witness, passenger, and police pictures of the location and damage.

Your proof of insurance documents, like your “pink slip”, will all have the contact details of your insurance company on the back, making it easy to call them or file your claim online immediately following an accident.


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