Soundproofing Maximizes Enjoyment Of Your Home Space

You deserve to relax in a peaceful space. Pic: NewsCanada

(NC) A noisy neighbor can turn the most luxurious townhome or condo into a nightmare.

Although upgraded floors, counters and other finishes contribute to the visual impact of your home, investing in soundproofing often doesn’t become a consideration until you’ve already moved in.

Unwanted noise not only interrupts sleep and the peaceful enjoyment of your unit – it can also lead to health issues such as fatigue, irritability and stress-related ailments.

As a result, soundproofing has become an important issue for many, particularly those on opposite ends of the homeownership spectrum – first-time buyers and downsizing empty nesters.

These buyers frequently purchase homes that have walls shared with neighboring units and find that unwanted noise is seeping in. Some of the noise can be reduced by sealing edges of a shared wall with acoustical caulking and with carpeting and area rugs on hard floors.

Wall-hangings and bookcases full of books along a shared wall can also help muffle sound.

Noise issues are a major reason for many renovations, so soundproofing is best addressed at this construction stage.

“Minimum building standards for shared walls may not completely eliminate sounds from adjoining homes. Fortunately, there is a simple, cost-effective and permanent way to soundproof and take back control of your home without a major renovation,” says Kate Campbell, celebrity contractor.

“The soundproofing product I use for my clients and in my own home is Sonopan with NoiseStop Technology because it absorbs a wide range of frequencies and significantly reduces the transmission of sound and vibrations.

Each panel is a standard 4 by 8 feet and ¾-inch thick. The panels are lightweight, simple to install behind drywall, environmentally friendly and can either be installed by a contractor or you can do it yourself.”

The panels are Canadian made from 100 per cent recycled wood and are 100 per cent recyclable.

In addition, the panels contain no added formaldehydes or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so there isn’t a negative impact on in-home air quality.

You deserve to relax and shut out the rest of the world in your space. Soundproofing can help you. A renovation expert can use a sound meter to calculate the level of noise and its sources.

That test should help you decide on the best solution for your noise problem. Find more information at


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