Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ‘Unveils Infinity’ In Toronto


Art Of Living Founder Explains Meditation Techniques As Revealed In Ancient ‘Vigyan Bhairav’

By Bala Menon

TORONTO:  ‘Passion at Work, Dispassion at Rest and Compassion in Everyday Life’ was the essence of the message that Indian spiritual leader and founder of the global Art of Living movement gave to a sold-out audience over three days at the Roy Thomson Hall in  Toronto.

The event  on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was an opportunity for ‘truth-ssekers’ to hear directly from a master communicator about the Meaning of Life through the sessions themed as “Unveiling Infinity”.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shared  powerful and insightful techniques from an ancient Indian esoteric scripture called the ‘Vigyan Bhairav’, and also guided participants through the step-by-step practice of this technique.

“Getting in touch with the infinity within makes you intuitive, innovative, emotionally fit and intellectually sharp. Meditation is the way to get there,” he said in a message posted on his Twitter handle before the start of three-day program.

He personally led the session on  Wednesday, “unveiling hitherto secret ways of reaching a higher state of being, and experiencing deep rest and stillness.”

Mayor John Tory with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“Connect with your Void”, he exhorted the audience as he proceeded to put all participants in a trance, after a deep breathing meditation session.

The exercise is meant to Rejuvenate and relax the mind and body; Activate internal dormant energy centers; Removedeep-rooted stress; Sharpen the intellect; and  Enhance  creativity.

And indeed, it did! When he asked everyone to open their eyes, little did anyone know that they were in ‘deep, meditative sleep’ mode for 32 minutes. Several in the audience turned emotional and began to cry.

The ‘Vigyan Bhairav’ Tantra is an index of 112 meditation techniques. “Tantra is not sex, as is generally beleived to me. It simply means technique for realization. And this is done through the Mantra – the chant that unlocks the inner being for better control of the creative left and practical right sides of your brains.”

On Tuesday, Toronto Mayor John Tory met with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at Roy Thomson Hall and said “It was an honour to meet his Holiness this morning at his mental health summit. It was a very enlightening discussion on how spirituality and meditation can play an important role in improving mental health.”

Political and social activist and writer Tareq Fatah, told Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Wednesday: “Guruji, as an activist, I found that you have the ice to cool the fire without putting it out!” He also applauded the role of Sri Sri in linking our roots to cultural history and civilization.

Several members of the audience then described how breathing techniques and meditation had improved their physical, mental, emotional and social well-being along with sustained, high-energy levels.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar addressed business leaders from across Southwestern Ontario at a ‘Mindful Leadership Seminar’ in Windsor on Wednesday morning. He is also visiting Montreal and Calgary as part of a North American tour.

The Art of Living Movement was founded in 1991 and its signature programs include breathing techniques, meditation and yoga to help individuals get rid of stress and experience inner calm.

The organization operates in 155 countries and has touched the lives of over 370 million people. In the GTA, there are training centres in Mississauga and Brampton imparting the knowledge of Sudarshana Kriya, a powerful rhythmic breathing technique.