SRK: I’m Muslim, my wife Hindu, my kids are Hindustan

From megastar Amitabh Bachchan to superstar Shah Rukh Khan and actress Kajol, a string of Bollywood celebrities on Sunday wished everyone a Happy Republic Day, urging all to spread love and peace in the nation.

A video of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan went viral o n Sunday, where the actor is seen expressing his views on religion.

The actor said these words on the set of a show, reports

He said: “Humne koi Hindu-Musalman ki baat hi nahi ki. Meri biwi Hindu hai, mai Musalman hoon. Aur mere jo bacche hain, wo Hindustan hain. Jab wo school gae to school me wo bharna padta hai ki religion kya hai. To jab meri beti choti thi, usne aa ke pucha bhi mujhse ek baar, ‘papa hum ka un se religion ke hain?’ Maine usme ye likha ki hum Indian hi hain y aar, koi religion nahi hai. Aur hona bhi nahi chahiye. (There is no such thing as Hindu-Muslim between is. My wife is Hindu and I am Muslim, my kids are Indian. When they went to school, we had to fill in the religion section. My daughter asked me awhat is our religion?’ and I wrote that we are Indian, we have no other religion and that shouldn’t happen either).”


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