‘Stranger Things’ gets stranger still


Joe Keery and Maya Hawke reveal what they’re looking forward to finding in Season 3 of “Stranger Things.”

Excerpt: Joe Keery,:”After finishing season two. what was I kind of, what were my burning questions?” (Reporter: “Yeah.”)

Keery: “Probably the whole supernatural element with The Mind Flayer.” It’s like, you know, you close this gate and then at the end they give you this kind of teaser sort of thing that, you know, The Upside Down still exists and this entity still exists in it. So, that would be my biggest unfinished question is, like, is kind of putting this Band-Aid on the gate enough to get rid of this connection between these two worlds? And if it’s not enough, how are they gonna stop that from kind of coming back into our own world?” – The Associated Press