Streaming platform Crave to add Starz brand in beefed up service bundle


Canadian streaming platform Crave is bulking up its offerings next month with the addition of popular U.S. TV brand Starz to its lineup.

The move will introduce a wider selection of TV shows and movies onto the Crave service, but it also comes at a higher price for viewers.

Existing customers who want to unlock Starz will have to pay an extra $5.99 per month on top of their current Crave package.

With the Starz package, they’ll have access to current series “Vida” and “Counterpart,” as well as older shows including “Nurse Jackie” and a selection of films.

Changes to the platform come as streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon jostle for premium content in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Netflix recently dealt its biggest price hike yet to Canadian subscribers, saying the higher monthly bill would be invested in new series and films.

Crave is following a tiered model that’s closer to the structure of traditional cable packages, which charge higher fees for access to more TV channels.

The Bell Media-owned platform already offers two tiers its subscribers can choose from.

A basic plan includes library HBO and Showtime content for $9.99 each month, while a more premium plan boosts that selection with new HBO programming and fresh Hollywood movies for an additional $9.99.

Alongside the changes to Crave’s streaming platform, Bell Media also plans to rebrand its existing Encore TV channels, which host mostly older Hollywood fare, with the Starz logo and programming on March 1. The company said the Starz package will be introduced on the Crave platform around the same time.