Surrey’s ‘King Of Bhangra’ Randhawa Passes Away

‘Bhangra King’ Jatinder Singh Randhawa. Pic: Facebook

Surrey: Jatinder Singh Randhawa of Surrey, known to his fans as the“King of Bhangra,” died of an apparent heart attack on May 25. Social media is full of tributes to the artiste.

“Today I lost a friend and a passionate advocate of art and culture,” Surrey Centre MP Randeep Sarai posted on his Facebook page.

“Jatinder Singh Randhawa was a passionate advocate for the arts, particularly Punjabi Bhangra and Giddha. He opened a school, Shan E Punjab Arts Club, with his friends and taught thousands with excitement and enthusiasm. His artists performed at the 2010 Olympics, at Canucks Games and even at Parliament Hill. He will be missed by his students, friends and family.”

Randhawa founded the Shan E Punjab Arts Club, based in Newton,in 2007 with the objective of linking the next generation with their beautiful folk dances and to keep ethnic Punjabi culture and heritage alive.”



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