SUSPENSION OF OPEN HOUSE FACILITY at Consulate General of India Toronto

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In the wake of increasing number of Corona Virus (COVID-19) cases, it has been decided to suspend the OPEN HOUSE facility in the Consulate (365 Bloor Street East, Toronto) until further notice.

For the time being, applicants are requested to use the email facility to
resolve their issues. Following are the emails of concerned officers –
i Mr. Hoti Lal, Consul (CPV) For Surrender of Indian
passport, Police Clearance, Visa or attestation matters

ii Mr. P.K. Munjal, Consul
(Passport & OCI)

For Passport and OCI matters

iii Mr. R.S. Rawat, Vice Consul
(Visa) For visa related matters

In case, it is required to meet the officer, prior appointment may be
scheduled with the concerned officer.