Symposium On Terrorism & The Hounding Of Kashmiri Hindus From Their Homeland

Kashmiri pandits, or Hindus who lived in Kashmir until an Islamic insurgency in 1989 forced them to flee their predominantly Muslim homeland, raise slogans during a protest against Pakistan, in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, July 19, 2016. The protesters alleged that Pakistan was fueling the conflict in Kashmir at the cost of the lives of ordinary people, according to a release. (AP Photo/Thomas Cytrynowicz)

TORONTO:  To commemorate the 30 years of exile of Kashmiri Hindus from their homeland, the Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum will hold a symposium on ‘Global Terrorism In Light of the Forced Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990’  on January 19 at the Indo Japan Samurai Center, 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1. The event begins at 1:00 pm.

“It has been 30 years since Kashmiri Hindus were hounded from their homes after thousands perished due to terror unleashed on them by radical Islamists backed by Pakistan through mass murders, rapes, torture, arson, looting and fear-mongering. Kashmiri Hindus became refugees in their own land and were left to perish by successive regimes in India and world order at large,” the India-Canadian Kashmir Forum said in a statement.

Kashmiri Hindu devotees known as “pandits” light oil lamps ans offer prayers during the annual festival at the Kheer Bhawani temple in Tul Mul, outskirts of Srinagar, India, Wednesday, June 20, 2018. Hundreds of thousands of Hindus had abandoned the valley for Hindu-dominated areas farther south after the separatist insurgency erupted in 1989. A few families stayed behind to look after ancestral farmlands or businesses. (AP Photo/Mukhtar Khan)

“Kashmiris mark January 19th as own holocaust day when we had to leave” our ancestral homes in Kashmir and we are today commemorate the 30 years of our exile,” Dr.Ashok Kaul and Vidya Bhushan Dhar of the forum said.

“The symposium will discuss global terroris and its impact on the social, cultural and economic well being of minorities focusing on the return of indigenous Kashmiris to the land of their ancestors and restoration of their political rights. We are glad that the world over our genocide story is being listened to and I am glad that we will have the best North American speakers to grace our event”, they added.

Among the speakers are:

1. Rajiv Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra”is an”Indian-American”author who, after a career in the computer and telecom industries, took early retirement in 1995 to set up the”Infinity Foundation, which focuses on Indic studies and also funds projects such as”Columbia University’s project to translate the”Tibetan Buddhist”Tengyur.

2. Tom Quiggin

Tom Quiggin, a former intelligence officer who served in Bosnia. Following uniformed service, he worked for the International War Crimes Tribunal, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. A court expert on terrorism, he has a sole author book on national security intelligence. He is a Senior Research Fellow with the Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies and an Adjunct at the Royal Military College.”

3, Tahir Aslam Gora

Tahir Aslam Gora”is a”Canadian”broadcaster,”editor,”publisher”and writer of”fiction”and”non-fiction.”He is a campaigner against the dangers of”Political Islam”and the”Muslim Brotherhood.”He is the recipient of”Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal”for his services in Canada. He also is the founder of”‘Canadian Thinkers’ Forum’”‘Progressive Muslims Institute Canada’”and”‘Muslim Committee Against Antisemitism.

4. Acharya Zen ji Nio

Rev. Zenji Nio is an inspirational speaker who has empowered millions of people around the world. What makes his voice unique is that he is the only personal growth expert who combines Western motivational speaking with Buddhist spirituality of the Samurai and Shaolin warriors.

From world leaders and Olympians to law enforcement and people with disabilities, Zenji has worked with all strata of society to make a lasting difference and promote compassion and light in a world that too often thrives in darkness.