Tanuj Virwani dons multiple hats for suspense horror short film

Tanuj Virwani dons multiple hats for suspense horror short film.

Actor Tanuj Virwani has acted in and produced, written and directed the suspense horror short film “Anisht”.

“The idea came from two different set of ideas. One was a crime saga of this mob hit which went terribly wrong and the other was a haunted house kind of a setup where the house has a personality of its own and in some way, it’s a reflection of the person who enters it. It’s like good becomes great and bad becomes worse,” he said.

“So when I was brainstorming on the idea, it started to dawn upon me that it would be interesting if I could come up with a hybrid concept which is neither the mafia drama-thriller nor a haunted house movie. If I could just fuse the two in an organic manner and come up with plot, it would be great. That’s how the idea stemmed up. Also, one has to bear in mind that because of Covid-19 situation there are lot of restrictions as we cannot go and shoot wherever we want to, so it was important for me to utilise the locations that I had to the best of my ability,” he added.

Tanuj and his family are in Lonavala right now.

“I have a place over here, so I figured it would be a good setting to shoot approximately 80 percent of the film and before leaving for Lonavala, we shot on expressway and a bit on my building basement,” he said.

As an actor, he has an exciting line-up.

“In the web show ‘Kamathipura’, I play the antagonist for the first time. Then there is the third season of ‘Inside Edge’ coming up. I am also excited for another web show called ‘Katil’. I have got a cameo in this really cute show named ‘Masaba Masaba’, it has got Neena Gupta and her daughter Masaba. Also, there is the next season of ‘Code M’ coming up. We haven’t started shooting for that one, but will start later this year. I am also shooting for two shows in UAE,” he shared.