Team ‘Chutzpah’ opens up on the web show

Team 'Chutzpah' opens up on the web show

In the world of the internet we have two identities, one offline and the other online, and these days we often find ourselves constantly dividing time between the two.

What happens in between the process of shifting from one to the other is an idea highlighted in the upcoming web show, “Chutzpah”.

The series stars Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, Gautam Mehra, Tanya Maniktala, Elnaaz Norouzi and Kshitij Chauhan. It is written by Amit Babbar and Mrighdeep Singh Lamba. Simarpreet Singh has directed the series and the concept is credited to Amit Babbar.

“Fukrey” star Varun Sharma is known for his light and funky characters but this time he promises a peppy but intense role.

“It’s a blessing to make people laugh. But for the first time I attempt to play a different kind of role. It has various shades and you will see how my character Vikas goes through different phases in his life,” says Varun.

Asked how family friendly the show is, Mrighdeep replies: “I would not call it a family unfriendly show as after watching this even parents of the young generation will come to know what goes on in the internet. It is not a fictional story but very relatable to what all is going on in our society. You can find similar characters around you.”

Varun’s “Fukrey” co-star Manjot Singh is also a part of the cast, but they insist their characters are different this time.

“We are going to screen space but this time it won’t be ‘Fukrey’ style as our characters are completely different and far apart. We have not shared the screen. So, the ‘tadka’ will not be ‘saath saath’ but ‘alag alag’,” said Varun.

Manjot talks about the USP of the show: “It showcases a real world and relatable characters. I think such an interesting concept has not been explored in the digital world yet.”

Gautam Mehra shares the apprehension he had while playing his character: “Whenever you start playing a new character there is always fear in mind. As you need to understand it layer by layer. Moreover, the role I play is of a crazy guy who is a YouTuber and it is completely different from the real me. So, it is like shedding your skin and getting into the skin of another character. I watched a number of YouTubers and their relationship with fans. They are very friendly with fans and it is not like the Bollywood stars.”

Tanya Maniktala plays a character who has a longterm relationship. How much are such relationships successful in the real world? “Of course, they are successful. Either it is with your sister or brother or boyfriend or anyone these days this kind of relationship works but it also depends on how you handle it,” she replies.

Elnaaz Norouzi portrays a camgirl named Wild Butterfly and she found it challenging, “Initially I was nervous and there was one thing in my mind — how am I going to make this character come alive on screen? What would I have to wear and how would I have to look? I had to wear different wigs for different scenes and look sensuous. The character was challenging.”

About the title, Mrighdeep says: “Initially I thought the title, ‘I Underscore You’. Later to make it more appealing for the audience and my producers, I opted for ‘Chutzpah’.”

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