Tesla Model S catches fire at a Supercharger station | #Tesla


A Tesla Model S car stationed at a Supercharger station in Antwerp, Belgium caught fire while hooked up to a charger without any apparent reason, the media has reported.

“The driver of the car had parked it at a so-called ‘Supercharger’, a fast charging station, at the Novotel at Luithagen-Haven. When he returned a little later, his Tesla and the supercharger were lit up. Possibly there was a technical problem before charging,” the Electrek recently reported quoting Dutch media.

The fire brigade used an interesting technique to extinguish the flames and make sure it doesn’t reignite, which has been an issue with electric vehicle fires.

Such an incident isn’t new. Last month, a Tesla Model X in Pittsburgh caught fire while being transported to a repair shop.

A few months earlier, a Model S caught fire for no apparent reason, a wild ordeal that was actually captured on video. Tesla at the time issued a statement noting that the fire was “an extraordinarily unusual occurrence”, according to the BGR.