The Lakers Move Could Stop Lebron From his 9th Straight Final


Lebron James is moving to the west this September after his fourth straight eastern conference win, and that is a direct response to losing to the golden state warriors this June during his 8th straight finals appearance. Lebron James is Known as the best player in the league and one of the greatest players of all time, but his finals record is the only thing that can stop him from passing Micheal Jordan.

This move can secure him another championship if they can make it to the finals. The Problem with the move to the west is the same problem he had in the east, The Golden State Warriors. After Lebron’s Cavaliers won the NBA finals in 2016, Golden State (the best team in the western conference) added the best player of the western conference, Kevin Durant to their arsenal. This secured them two back to back finals the next two years, both against James and Cavaliers.

Now, the problem for Lebron and the Lakers is that they need to beat Golden state just to MAKE IT to the NBA finals. This is the same magnitude of difficulty he had before but it was for the championship. Lebron James now has Rajon Rondo, Lance Stevenson, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and JaVale McGee (who been traded from the warriors), will that be enough to secure the western conference finals? or will he need more star power? Let us know in the comments below.