The Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown visited Brampton And Regional Islamic Centre (BARIC)


The Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown visited Brampton And Regional Islamic Centre (BARIC) in the evening of Wednesday May 22, 2019.

BARIC is a non-profit and charitable organization located at 4525 Ebenezer Road, Unit 3-5, Brampton. BARIC has been operating since 2012 and serving the rapidly growing Muslim community in East Brampton and surrounding areas. It offers five times prayers, Jumuah (Friday) prayers, Eid prayers, month-long Ramadan (fasting month) program, monthly family and sisters Halaqa. It also provides religious education in classes for young boys and girls as well as adults in the weekdays and weekend with specific activities for the youth.

BARIC officials received and greeted Mr. Brown with flowers at the entrance. Then, ABM Kamaluddin, Rahmatullah Habib and Abu Becker from BARIC management welcomed the Mayor and introduced him to the Musallis (worshippers) who just finished their iftar (breaking fast) and Magrib (evening) prayer. In their speech, they appreciated the Mayor’s presence at BARIC and highlighted him by acknowledging that he has been doing so much with his full supports and demonstrating solidarity for the minority groups including Muslim community in general and BARIC in specific, since he has taken over his office. 

In his speech, Mr. Brown appreciated BARIC for the services they have been providing for the community. He expressed his satisfaction with the devotion of the Muslim community for their religious activities and assured his commitment to provide safety to them to perform their activities. He reiterated that he will continue supporting BARIC and help BARIC in his full capacity at any time.

Later, the Mayor participated in distributing dinner to the Musallis and joined the dinner with BARIC management.