The New Normal, Central Vista & CARE!

0 was quiet for quite a while. With so much distress around – satire is not what people look forward to so this blogger decided to shut up as times were not normal. Then suddenly today in the afternoon our man AK said that we have to learn to live with the given situation. The abnormal is the new normal – so one peeped out of the cocoon!

Delhi has this long history of being destroyed and then being rebuilt. If you are a believer, then Delhi used to be Indraprastha – the capital of Pandavas. There are also claims that Indraprastha was a city of significance of the Mauryan empire. Don’t be surprised if some samosa-seller in Delhi claims that his ancestors sent made-to-order samosas to the courts of Ashoka. There are no limits to the ingenuity of Dilliwalahs.

Delhi is actually a city of cities. Now if one is allowed to extend that rationale then one can call Lutyens Delhi as one of the cities within the city of Delhi competing with Mehrauli, Siri, Tughluqabad etc. And these cities and Delhi per se have been crushed, looted, and rebuilt many times over in the past. So why are people surprised if significant structures of Lutyens Delhi are brought down under that grand plan called the ‘Central Vista Project’? So why so much noise? And what’s Rs 20,000 crores for such a project? And why should the government or the PM have a change of heart just because there’s this tiny virus threatening lives? The two are mutually exclusive events – as mutually exclusive as demonetization was to the decline of Indian economy. And they are not touching Khan Market, so take it easy Dilliwalahs!

Talking of the PM – one desperately needs to understand why is PM CARES Fund (Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund), has been named the way it is. Ordinary citizens such as you and me put in our money to the Fund to help our fellow citizens who are in a situation of sorts and yet it is the PM who ‘cares’ and not us! And doesn’t this make the PM look like the mutual fund manager except that the mutual fund guys know a bit or two about what they are doing. Or at least they used to!

By the way, do you know what you are doing? Confused and yet cocky (that’s a true-blue-blood Dilliwalah for you), Dilliwalahs surely know what they are doing – they are gaining knowledge. Webinar after webinar – they are all watching everyone and anyone who is offering gyan. The only break they took was on the day AK opened up the liquour outlets. And mind you that night every Dilliwalah was ready with content for a webinar of his or her own except that no one was surfing – it is a trifle difficult to do that with a glass in one hand and namkeen in the other!

StateOfDelhi Suggests: Stay home. Stay safe. And make your own samsosas – and laugh a little at your inadequacies!


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