These Winter Driving Mistakes Could Put You In Grave Danger

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(NC) The winter months make for some of the most challenging driving conditions. With icy roads, poor visibility and harsh conditions taking a toll on our vehicles, it’s important to prepare yourself and your car for the season to come.

Here, the experts at OK Tire share common driving mistakes drivers make that may put you in danger.

Using all-seasons instead of winter tires Winter tires are designed to perform on wet, cold, snow-covered and icy surfaces by providing hundreds of extra biting edges for better traction and staying soft in frigid temperatures.

All-seasons don’t offer security in winter due to their inability to maintain road contact in cold weather. Live in Quebec? Winter certified tires are mandatory by law from December 1 to March 15, and you can pay hefty fines for using anything that doesn’t have the approved mountain snowflake symbol.

Driving without adequate ride control
Ride control is crucial for your vehicle’s stability. Excessive bounce or vibration while driving may mean your suspension system is due for a tune-up. To help ensure you have full control of your vehicle, avoid expensive repairs, and keep you and your passengers safe, consider preventive maintenance.

Not being prepared
When driving, it’s important to have everything you need in case of an emergency – and this is even more essential in winter. In addition to carrying a snow brush and ice scraper, prepare an emergency kit complete with jumper cables, a first aid kit, a portable cellphone charger, road maps, water bottles and a flashlight.

Depending on four-wheel drive
Vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive tend to be better at navigating in winter conditions. That said, four-wheel drive is no match for icy patches that cause your vehicle to skid and shouldn’t be depended on when driving fast. Traction is all in the tires, so during the winter months, it’s best to invest in winter tires as well as slow down.


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