Tips to Keep Your Car’s Exterior Shining and Pristine  


Driving a clean and shining car would make you feel really good. Nobody likes walking into the garage and driving off in a scratched, dirty, or dented car.

A car that is free of scratches, dirt, and faded paint will surely bring a smile to your face.

The car is a significant investment, and keeping it pristine is not a difficult task if you know what to do. Taking care of the exterior is just as important as taking care of the components under the hood.

The best part about maintaining the exterior of your car is that it is easy, and methods to maintain, like getting Ceramic Pro paint protection or parking covers, are relatively inexpensive. Moreover, a fresh-looking car with pristine paint helps fetch a good resale value, and a clean exterior is often a good indication of the engine’s condition.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your beloved car shining.

  1. Wash the Car Regularly

Washing the car on a regular basis is one of the best ways to protect the paint job from dirt and gravel. Depending on where you live and the usage of your car, washing at least once a month is recommended, but if you take your vehicle hardcore offroading, you must wash it after every off-road ride to eliminate mud from the exterior.

The longer the grime stays on your car, the more it will harm the paint job in the long run.

Visit the nearest car washers to get pressure washing done at least once a month. Moreover, pressure washing is beneficial to eliminate dirt and mud from under the hood and wheel arches.

2. Ceramic Coating

There is no doubt that ceramic coating a vehicle’s paint is the ultimate solution to protecting its shine. Ceramic Pro paint protection is made with silicon substances that are water and dust repellent. The coating infuses the paint job and acts as an additional layer on the paint, and protects it from the harmful effects of UV rays, moisture, water, and dirt. Moreover, it protects the exterior from minor scratches, as the paint will not show scratches easily if it is ceramic coated.

Unlike waxing and buffing, the effects of ceramic coating last for a longer time, a single layer of coating can last up to three years, and you can even opt for multiple layers of coating.

3. Get Manual Detailing Done for Stubborn Scratches

There are chances you might bump your car somewhere while parking or driving, which could cause some stubborn scratches. These scratches can ruin the look and are impossible to hide. So, getting manual detailing done is the best option to remove stubborn scratches and prevent the car from looking dull.

Professional detailers will apply touch-up paint drops, followed by a layer of clear coat, and then sand the area to merge with the existing paint.

There are many DIY kits available in the market for removing minor scratches, but they are not as effective as manual detailing and might be difficult to use.

4.. Keep the Car Covered

Not everyone has the luxury of parking the car safely in a garage, but if you do, then it is best to park the car indoors to prevent the paint from atmospheric elements such as moisture and UV rays from the sun.

UV rays can crack the paint and cause chipping, whereas excessive exposure to moisture can lead to corrosion.

If you do not have the option of parking indoors, consider investing in a carport if you have the space for it. However, if the options are limited, a simple car cover would do the job and protect the vehicle from UV rays, dirt, dust, and extreme weather conditions.

If you clean your car, get a ceramic coating, fix the minor scratches, and park it in safe spaces, the paint job will shine for a prolonged time.


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