Toronto Holding Online Survey On Election Signs


TORONTO: Have your say on election sign rules in Toronto! Share your input through an online survey by 11.59 p.m. March 3, 2021.

Residents’ feedback will inform a review of the bylaw regulating election signs in Toronto.

Election signs advertise or promote candidates in federal, provincial, or municipal elections (including elections for local board or commissions).

This includes signs, balloons, blimps, vehicle wraps, mobile signs on vehicles or trailers and bumper stickers intended to influence a person to vote for or against any candidate.

Election signs in Toronto must comply with the Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 693, Article II – Election Signs.

The bylaw provides rules for election signs on private and public properties, outlines when election signs can be displayed and when they must be removed, and provides rules for campaign office signs.

Residents can contact 311 to report election signs that are in conflict with the bylaw.

Election signs cannot:
• be illuminated (unless on advertising spaces mentioned above)
• be attached to trees
• obstruct visibility or block sightlines for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
• contain the City of Toronto logo
Election signs displayed indoors may be displayed at any height.


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