Toronto International Dance Festival 2019 Celebrates Global Rhythms And Vibes


Toronto: Dancing Damsels Inc. celebrated the 6th annual Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF 2019) Outdoor Summer Series at the Albert Campbell Square in Scarborough on July 6 and 7.

Thousands gathered to witness the greatest show to hit Scarborough for the second year in a row. The unprecedented dance festival known to showcase “World Dance Forms All on One Stage” took viewers on an exhilarating voyage around the world, and highlighted Canada’s rich cultural diversity through the performing arts.

More than 25 dance companies over 250 dancers graced the Albert Campbell stage-portraying dance in vibrant color and style. From novice movement to professional technique, the single platform came alive with cultural exchange, rhythm and vibe; making TIDF an exquisite and one of a kind dance festival of Toronto.

MP for Scarborough North Shaun Chen, MP for Scarborough Centre, Salma Zahid and MPP for Scarborough Agincourt, Aris Babikian attended the renowned dance festival and praised the Dancing Damsels for the cultural initiative that aims to promote multiculturalism across Canada through the performing arts and celebrate diversity while bringing communities together.

This two-day outdoor festival was supported by the Government of Canada, The Toronto Arts Council, Scarborough Arts, Rotary Clubs of Scarborough and the Knights of Columbus.

Dancing Damsels Inc. will be hosting its Fall Indoor Concert on October 26, 2019 at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto to commemorate its 6th year running and continued success. This indoor festival will showcase professional level performances highlighting intricate technique and dynamic compositions.

Dancing Damsels Inc. endeavors to continue to promote multiculturalism and cultural exchange in Canada through the performing arts to exemplify its initiatives and categorize the Toronto International Dance Festival, (TIDF) as unique and unparalleled.

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