Toronto’s Repair Blitz Has Handled More Than 54,000 Potholes This Year

A Toronto pothole crew at work. Pic: City of Toronto

TORONTO: The City of Toronto has been on a pothole repair blitz since the beginning of the month.

A third pothole blitz was completed during the weekend in 2021 and this was the second in three weekends.

Crews start repairing as many potholes as possible on Toronto’s major roads, neighborhood streets and expressways whenever complaints are received.

The blitz usually sees 25 crews (62 staff) work a 12-hour shift, with appropriate physical distancing measures in place, to help keep roads safe.

Residents who are driving or biking for essential travel on Saturday should expect delays during such repairs Road users are asked to respect all City crews and work zones and give crews space.

On March 13 and April 17, City crews repaired nearly 9,000 total potholes. Since the beginning of 2021, the City has repaired more than 54,000 potholes, primarily through proactive daily patrols.

Pothole repair blitz crews are made up of the same City staff who handle general roadway maintenance and safety work, as well as spring clean-up efforts.

Potholes can be repaired normally within four days of crews being made aware, through both proactive patrols and via 311 service requests from residents.

When there are large numbers of potholes to be repaired, they are triaged based on size; repairs are prioritized on major roads first.

The City has a comprehensive pothole repair program and has budgeted approximately $4.7 million in 2021 to fix potholes on streets, including in bike lanes. Each pothole costs approximately $25 to repair.

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